Disarmament Fora

Effective multilateral disarmament fora are needed now more than ever.

Arms control and disarmament are needed the most when they are least likely to occur. In times of soaring military expenditure and a global trust deficit between States, disarmament diplomacy is both more urgent and more challenged than ever. Finding new ways of rendering multilateral disarmament fora more resilient and ensuring results amidst a fraught international security environment is as arduous as it is imperative.

As the only UN think tank working on arms control and disarmament worldwide, UNIDIR is uniquely positioned to advance thinking on how to reinvigorate and enhance procedures and discussions in disarmament fora. UNIDIR has long-standing experience in supporting Member States in their informed participation in the Conference on Disarmament, the General Assembly’s First Committee, and the full spectrum of multilateral treaty regimes pertaining to arms control and disarmament.