The Arms-Related Risk Analysis Toolkit is a UNIDIR Toolkit designed to contribute to ongoing efforts to include conventional arms and ammunition-related risks in conflict analysis and conflict prevention, management, and resolution efforts. The Toolkit consists of three tools: the Arms-Related Risk Analysis Tool, the Risk Factor Selector Tool; and the Arms-Related Information Sources Compendium Tool. The Toolkit responds to the United Nations Secretary-General's call for the integration of conventional arms control into United Nations conflict prevention and management activities by providing guidance on how to gather and interpret arms-related information for conflict prevention efforts. This Toolkit builds upon research undertaken by UNIDIR as part of its workstream on “Integrating Conventional Arms Control into Conflict Prevention and Management”. 

Sponsor Organizations: Governments of Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

Citation: Simon Yazgi and Erica Mumford (2021) “The Arms-Related Risk Analysis Toolkit: Practical Guidance for Integrating Conventional Arms-Related Risks into Conflict Analysis and Prevention”, UNIDIR, Geneva, Switzerland.