The Research

'Strengthening shared understanding on the impact of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in addressing risks of diversion in arms transfers' is a joint research initiative by the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), Conflict Armament Research, and the Stimson Center (jointly referred to as the Consortium). Through a series of Issue Briefs and dialogue events, the objective of the initiative is to enhance knowledge and facilitate dialogue among States to strengthen shared understanding on the impact of the ATT in addressing risks of diversion in arms transfers, and to identify options and avenues for more effective policies and practices under the Treaty moving forward.

The Compendium

During 2020–22, the Consortium produced three Issue Briefs and launched a new Counter-Diversion Assessment Tool. This body of research aims at contributing to tackling diversion risks associated with poorly regulated arms transfers at the national, regional and multilateral levels and at informing the development of good policies and practices within the framework of the ATT and other relevant instruments. The Compendium presents key recommendations, resources and tools from the 4 publications mentioned above. It aims at providing a light overview of this work and an introduction to some of its key themes and findings.

Citation: UNIDIR, Conflict Armament Research, and Stimson Center (2023) "Strengthening Shared Understanding on the Impact of the ATT in Addressing Risks of Diversion in Arms Transfers: A Compendium of Key Resources and Tools", Geneva, Switzerland.


Français: Renforcer la compréhension commune de l’impact du TCA sur la lutte contre les risques de détournement dans les transferts d’armes : recueil de ressources et d’outils clés

Español: Fortalecimiento del entendimiento común del impacto del tratado sobre el comercio de armas a la hora de hacer frente a los riesgos de desvío en las transferencias de armas: Compendio de recursos y herramientas clave