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A World Without The NPT? A Discussion with Joseph Pilat


A World Without The NPT? A Discussion with Joseph Pilat

In 2020, the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty will mark its fiftieth year – one in which this important international regime faces serious challenges. If the NPT were to collapse or erode, it would undoubtedly worsen the nuclear and broader international security and energy landscape by undermining the nonproliferation norm, disrupting the framework on which the peaceful cooperation on nuclear energy occurs, diminishing future prospects for further arms reductions and disarmament and weakening the security of all states alike, whether or not they possess nuclear weapons.

At this lunchtime symposium, Dr. Joseph Pilat will look at the NPT’s situation, and share his perspective on its prospects. His talk will be followed by discussion.

A sandwich lunch will be served from 13:00.


Joseph Pilat, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Moderator: John Borrie, UNIDIR's WMD Programme Lead


02 December 2019


Concordia 1, Palais des Nations, From 13:15 - 14:45