Welcome To Our New Comment Section!

1 October 2019
Welcome To Our New Comment Section!

With this new section, we seek to feature new and diverse voices on longstanding and emerging disarmament and international security issues.

As the UN Secretary-General said recently, “Global challenges require global solutions. It is not enough to proclaim the virtue of multilateralism; we must prove its added value.” Our goal is to expand the variety and depth of information and ideas that you – our readers, partners, and colleagues – can access and engage.

In 2020 UNIDIR will mark 40 years of research and action on disarmament. It is a year of many anniversaries, 75 years since the founding of the United Nations, 50 years of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, 20 years of the landmark Security Council resolution on Women, Peace and Security. It is a time to reflect but more important to look forward and to explore the role and impact of impact of disarmament in a changing international order. Historically, violence and war punctuate such transitions – can contemporary arms control frameworks and processes support the emergence of a stable multipolar order? What does meaningful weapons regulation in the 21st century comprise? Who needs to be engaged and what does multi-stakeholder engagement look like?

These are just some of the questions that we will tackle here. We will feature insights from our team of experts at UNIDIR and interested experts.

UNIDIR will continue to play an impartial, independent and solution-oriented role in advancing multilateral arms control and disarmament. We look forward to your feedback and engagement – together we can build a more stable and secure world for all!