The Global Roundtable on ICT Security Capacity-Building, held in New York on 10 May 2024, was the first event organized under United Nations auspices dedicated to the issue of capacity building. It provided a unique platform for Member States, intergovernmental organizations, and multi-stakeholder representatives to discuss barriers and solutions for creating a resilient global ICT ecosystem.

The roundtable was organized by the Chair of the Open-ended Working Group on Security of and in the Use of Information and Communications Technologies 2021–2025 (OEWG), as requested by Member States in the second Annual Progress Report of the OEWG.

The purpose of this report is to summarize the discussions and highlights from this inaugural roundtable. It provides an overview of the key points and addresses the barriers to ICT capacity-building mentioned during the event.

Citation: Giacomo Persi Paoli, Samuele Dominioni, Aamna Rafiq, Lenka Filipová “Accelerating ICT Security Capacity-Building: Takeaways from the Global Roundtable on ICT Security Capacity-Building”, UNIDIR, Geneva, 2024.