The international community has acknowledged that information communication technology (ICT) developments are providing both States and non-State actors with malicious new methods and uses of ICT.

The UNIDIR Taxonomy of Malicious ICT Incidents is a tool that provides the multistakeholder community with an easy-to-read infographic that can help in analysing malicious ICT incidents. It is designed  to work towards a baseline of knowledge and common understanding, which could help the international community to build confidence through increased information-sharing about malicious ICT incidents.

Also available is an Annex to the Taxonomy of Malicious ICT Incidents, which explores other existing taxonomies and classifications upon which the UNIDIR Taxonomy builds and relies.

Sponsor Organizations: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, and Microsoft.

Citation: Samuele Dominioni and Giacomo Persi Paoli (2022) "A Taxonomy of Malicious ICT Incidents", UNIDIR, Geneva, Switzerland.