This report provides a summary of the key themes, issues and takeaways that emerged from discussions during the 2022 Innovations Dialogue.

Part I of the report seeks to provide a foundational understanding of the concept of AI and its state of play.

Part II examines the disruptive impact of AI on international peace and security. In particular, it discusses the risks and benefits of uses of AI in military operations and across domains of warfare as well as the opportunities and challenges of harnessing AI technologies for conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

Part III of the report examines the path to Responsible AI. It unpacks the RAI governance approach and discusses how it is and can be operationalized. It also reflects on the value of building an RAI culture.


Citation: Wenting He and Alisha Anand (2023) "The 2022 Innovations Dialogue: AI Disruption, Peace and Security", UNIDIR, Geneva, Switzerland.