The 2020 Innovations Dialogue examined technological advancements and trends that could radically affect the creation, production and delivery of biological weapons:  gene editing techniques, DIYbio, cloud labs and nanobiotechnology.  The Dialogue also explored the challenges to existing governance and arms control approaches arising from the dual-use nature of technological innovations in the life sciences and considered what new instruments, if any, are needed and how can existing ones improve and adapt to safely and securely support the peaceful exploitation of 21st century biotechnology. This report provides a summary of the key themes, issues and takeaways that emerged from the two-day discussions at the 2020 Innovations Dialogue.

Citation: Alisha Anand (2020) "The 2020 Innovations Dialogue Conference Report", UNIDIR, Geneva, Switzerland.

Teaser: Life Sciences, International Security and Disarmament

Sponsor Organizations: SecTec core funders: the Governments of Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland, and by Microsoft.