This report is based on data collected as part of a phone survey of community members in 19 municipalities across Colombia, conducted in two waves: from April to May 2021 and November to December 2021. The report also includes a small amount of data collected from 50 former members of active armed groups, including FARC dissident groups, in survey interviews held between April and September 2022.

The report presents findings on public perceptions of FARC dissident groups, as well as the experiences of, and perceptions held by, individuals who left these groups. By comparing municipal-level summary statistics, this report allows for an examination of regional differences, often stemming from their different conflict histories.

Analysis of this data aims to be useful for the international community, governments, local authorities, and Colombian civil society organizations in their peacemaking and peacebuilding efforts – including potential talks between the Government and some of these groups.

The report ends with an examination of the key policy and programmatic implications of these findings.

The version in Spanish is available here.

Citation: Javier Cárdenas, Cristal Downing, Kyle Johnson, Ángela Olaya, and Juanita Vélez (2022) "Perceptions of FARC Dissident Groups in Colombia: Implications for Future Peace," MEAC Findings Report 17, United Nations University, New York.