The urgent need for a weapon-of-mass destruction-free zone in the Middle East is increasingly evident, yet progress towards its establishment remains limited. Despite numerous resolutions in international forums and widespread support for the initiative, deep divisions among regional actors about its objectives and how to pursue them, alongside a lack of trust, have hindered progress. To address this challenging landscape, the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), with the support of the European Union, launched a comprehensive project in August 2019. The project examined the historical context, perspectives, and prospects for a ME WMDFZ through research, dialogue, and capacity building.

This report offers a summary of the project’s activities and outputs, presenting key takeaways and proposals to advance the ME WMDFZ initiative. It provides insights into the evolution of the issue over time, drawing lessons for current and future efforts.

Citation: Tomisha Bino and Chen Zak Kane, “Middle East WMD-Free Zone Project: Final Report”, 2023, Geneva, Switzerland: UNIDIR,

Sponsor Organizations: European Union