The primary objective of this subregional consultative meeting is to facilitate shared understanding among Caribbean States in order to identify possible approaches to enhance cooperation and strengthen end use/r control systems. The project provides a platform to facilitate an inclusive global dialogue which seeks to identify possible options and avenues within and beyond existing global and regional instruments to strengthen end use/r control systems and, in doing so, to more effectively address the diversion of arms. This project is also expected to create synergies and contribute to the practical and effective implementation of the UN Programme of Action and the Arms Trade Treaty, as well as relevant regional instruments.

Citation: Conventional Arms and Ammunition Programme (2016). "Meeting Summary - Examining Common Subregional Understandings to Strengthen End Use/r Control Systems to Prevent Arms Diversion", Subregional Consultative Meeting, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, 21-22 September 2016, UNIDIR, Geneva.