Ceasefires play an important role in the prevention of further conflict and armed violence. Monitoring and verifying that the terms of a ceasefire agreement are respected plays a key role in ensuring an end to violence.

Traditionally, ceasefire monitoring and verification has been human-led. In some circumstances, it can however be difficult deploy observers on the ground. While technology cannot replace humans in all aspects of the monitoring and verification of ceasefires, especially within dialogue and de-escalation efforts, technology can nonetheless support and complement human-led activities. 

This report explains what technological solutions are available to help monitor and verify ceasefires, outlining the respective technological advantages and limitations of each solution. The report also provides a series of guiding considerations around the use of technology, highlighting recommended issues to reflect upon before using technology to aid with ceasefire monitoring and verification 

Sponsor Organizations: Germany (Conventional Arms and Ammunition Programme) and Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Microsoft (Security and Technology Programme).

Citation: Sarah Grand-Clément (2022) "Exploring the Use of Technology for Remote Ceasefire Monitoring and Verification", UNIDIR, Geneva.