In celebration of UNIDIR’s twenty-fifth anniversary, this special double issue of Disarmament Forum focuses on a topic of long-standing interest at UNIDIR—small arms and light weapons. With the preparations for the 2006 Review Conference on the Programme of Action well under way, the contributors to this Disarmament Forum hope to give governments, international organizations, researchers and the non-governmental community a wealth of ideas and reflections that will help to shape the implementation of the PoA over the next five years—and beyond.
This double issue features UNIDIR researchers and partners who are specialists in the small arms field. Authors look at the history of the PoA itself and its current state, special processes and cooperative frameworks that have developed to support the PoA, additional negotiations, and regional aspects of the small arms issue.

Citation: Kerstin Vignard (ed.) (2006). "Disarmament Forum: Taking Action on Small Arms", UNIDIR, Geneva.

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  • Editor’s note, Kerstin Vignard
  • Special Comment, Patricia LEWIS
  • Scratching the surface of a global scourge:the first five years of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms, Patrick Mc CARTHY
  • The Geneva Forum’s role in international efforts to curb the illicit small arms trade, John BORRIE
  • Reviewing multilateral political agreements: precedents for the 2006 Small Arms Review Conference, Sarah PARKER
  • Too close for comfort: an analysis of the UN tracing negotiations, Peter BATCHELOR & Glenn McDONALD
  • Small arms ammunition: light at the end of the barrel? Christophe CARLE
  • Regional approaches to small arms control: vital to implementing the UN Programme of Action, Elli KYTÖMÄKI
  • Strengthening field-level implementation of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms: a new approach to security needs assessments, Derek B. MILLEr & Lisa RUDNICK
  • Disarmament, development and the Programme of Action: experiences and challenges on the ground, Shukuko KOYAMA
  • The human dimension of the United Nations Programme of Action on Small Arms: the key role of Africa, Valerie YANKEY-WAYNE
  • Israel joining the Non-Proliferation Treaty: time for a re-evaluation? Eitan BARAK
  • UNIDIR Focus