This issue of Disarmament Forum explores options for a new arms control dialogue in the Middle East. Authors analyse the current security dilemma facing the region, including the nuclear question—while some states are advocating the creation of a zone free of weapons of mass destruction throughout the Middle East, others seem intent on nuclearization. Would, for example, a regional approach to the nuclear fuel cycle lessen non-proliferation fears while permitting greater reliance on nuclear energy? Also in this issue, lessons are drawn from the last official dialogue on arms control—the Arms Control and Regional Security Working Group, which stalled in 1995, and ongoing diplomatic efforts in the region are examined, with a view to potential future arms control activities. 

Citation: Kerstin Vignard (ed.) (2008). "Disarmament Forum: Arms Control in the Middle East", UNIDIR, Geneva.

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  • Editor’s note, Kerstin Vignard
  • Filling a critical gap, or just wasting time? Track Two diplomacy and regional security in the Middle East, Peter Jones
  • ACRS: what worked, what didn't, and what could be relevant for the region today, Emily B. Landau 
  • Nuclear futures for the Middle East: impact on the goal of a WMD-free zone, Merav Datan
  • The internationalization of the nuclear fuel cycle: an Arab perspective, Mohamed I. Shaker
  • Treaty or code of conduct? Jozef Goldblat
  • UNIDIR focus