This MEAC findings report aims to contribute evidence to enable a better understanding of the current dynamics of child recruitment in the Lake Chad Basin, in order to strengthen, not only efforts to prevent children’s involvement with armed actors, but also interventions that support them after they leave armed groups and re-enter civilian life.

Findings highlight a range of social, civic, and family-based factors related to recruitment which may be of use when designing prevention and reintegration strategies for children in the Lake Chad Basin region.

Citation: Niamh Punton, Juan Armando Torres Munguía, Kato Van Broeckhoven, Siobhan O’Neil, Mohammed Bukar, Fatima Yetcha Ajimi Badu, Anamika Madhuraj, and Saniya Ali (2022) “Child Recruitment in the Lake Chad Basin,” MEAC Findings Report 22, United Nations University, New York.