This report provides a short summary of the 2020 edition of UNIDIR's Cyber Stability Conference (CS2020) held in Geneva on 28 September 2020 with a focus on the future of institutional dialogue relevant to ICT and international security and stability. CS2020 sought to identify lessons from dialogues that have emerged on other issues of global concern. With an eye to the future of dialogue, speakers discussed issues such as the urgency, purposes and goals of dialogue relevant to ICT and international security. They also addressed more practical questions relating to process design and assessment of outcomes and to ensuring inclusivity in dialogue.  

Citation: Security and Technology Programme (2020) "2020 Cyber Stability Conference: The Future of Dialogue", UNIDIR, Geneva, Switzerland.

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Sponsor Organizations: UNIDIR’s Security and Technology Programme core donors: Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and Microsoft. In addition, this year’s conference was also supported by the Russian Federation.