Women Managing Weapons examines the gendered patterns of engagement in weapons and ammunition management, highlighting women’s experiences performing technical roles, such as stockpile manager, armourer, ammunition and technical expert and explosive ordnance disposal specialist. Based on quantitative analysis and interviews with practitioners, this report offers an overview of women’s participation in technical arms control, including main challenges as well as good practices for fostering gender equality in this area. By providing knowledge and ideas for improving women’s meaningful participation in WAM, the report seeks to unlock professional opportunities for women in WAM and transform power and gender relations not only amongst individuals, but also at institutional levels, which is a fundamental aspect of achieving true gender equality.

Citation: Hana Salama, Emma Bjertén-Günther (2021) "Women Managing Weapons: Perspectives for Increasing Women’s Participation in Weapons and Ammunition Management", UNIDIR, Geneva, Switzerland. https://doi.org/10.37559/GEN/2021/02

Teaser: Perspectives for Increasing Women’s Participation in Weapons and Ammunition Management