The exchange of good practices and lessons learned in strengthening WAM policy and practice in Africa seeks to enhance the knowledge of States, regional organisations and international partners on ways to establish and implement comprehensive national and regional frameworks governing the full lifecycle of arms and ammunition.

This publication presents a holistic approach to weapons and ammunition management with a special focus on progress made by 9 African states in improving their WAM frameworks and practices after undertaking a WAM baseline assessment with support from UNIDIR. This holistic approach to WAM contributes to achieving broader peace, security, and development goals including but not limited to conflict prevention, armed violence reduction, accountable security sector, protection of civilians, and advancing the Agenda 2030.

UNIDIR encourages the Community of States, regional organisations and relevant international partners to consult its WAM Country Insight and Annual Update series as a useful reference to support the planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation for future WAM projects.

Citation: Anna Mensah, Hardy Giezendanner, and Paul Holtom (2023) "Weapons and Ammunition Management in Africa Insight: 2023 Update", UNIDIR, Geneva.