UNIDIR defines WAM in a comprehensive manner covering the oversight, accountability and governance of arms and ammunition throughout their management cycle, including establishment of relevant national frameworks, processes and practices for the safe and secure production and acquisition of materiel, stockpiling, transfers, end use control, tracing and disposal. This holistic approach is essential in ensuring that efforts to better regulate arms and ammunition are undertaken in alignment with broader security sector, rule of law, armed violence reduction, counter-terrorism, and peacebuilding processes, and not in isolation. Research emphasis is placed on national and regional approaches to WAM in pursuit of a national and regionally owned process, and to support a ‘bottom-up’ and evidence-based approach. This series of WAM Country Insights will help promote knowledge, and raise visibility and awareness on the WAM context, progress made, and areas for enhancement in the African States that have conducted WAM baseline assessments with support from UNIDIR. It aims to serve as a reference for donors and international partners providing assistance and technical support for improving weapons and ammunition frameworks in the relevant country. The launch of the series will begin on 29 October 2020 and lead to the UNIDIR-AU Regional WAM Lessons Learned Seminars, to be held in November and December.

Edited by: Manuel Martinez Miralles, Anna Mensah, Natalie Briggs and Erica Mumford

Citation: Hardy Giezendanner, Franziska Seethaler, Himayu Shiotani (2020) "Weapons and Ammunition Management Country Insight: Burkina Faso", UNIDIR, Geneva, Switzerland. https://doi.org/10.37559/CAAP/20/WAM/18

Sponsor Organizations: Burkina Faso