This report is based on a survey of 223 residents in Jeddah-1 camp conducted between June 2022 and September 2022; a survey of 60 former Jeddah-1 residents; and key informants in Jeddah-1 and areas of return.

The report presents data about the experience of return and reintegration for those coming from Al Hol, including an examination of how communities and returnees understand the concepts of rehabilitation and reintegration and how these concepts compare to international approaches.

This data may be useful to UN and NGO partners working with Al Hol returnees, as well as efforts to support reintegration, community reconciliation, and broader peacebuilding efforts in Iraq – and possibly beyond. The report ends with an examination of key policy and programmatic implications of these findings.

Citation: Dr. Jacqueline Parry, Yousif Khoshnaw, Siobhan O'Niel, Juan Armando Torres Munguía and Mélisande Genat (2022) "The Road Home from Al Hol Camp: Reflections on the Iraqi Experience", United Nations University, New York.