This Issue Brief is intended to support the efforts of ATT States Parties to implement provisions to prevent, detect, address, and eradicate diversion in conventional arms transfers. It provides information and guidance on systemic and practical measures to prevent diversion at every stage in the transfer chain. It presents a potential analytical framework for States to determine the direct and indirect impact of applying these measures to achieve the object and purpose of the Treaty. This paper is the second in a series of issue briefs released as part of a joint research project by UNIDIR, Conflict Armament Research, Small Arms Survey and Stimson Center. The objective of the research is to enhance knowledge and facilitate dialogue among States to strengthen shared understanding on the impact of the ATT in addressing risks of diversion, and to identify avenues to further promote effective policies and practices under the Treaty.

Sponsor Organizations: Donors: Germany, France and Switzerland / Partners: Conflict Armament Research, Small Arms Survey, Stimson Center

Citation: Brian Wood and Paul Holtom (2020) "The Arms Trade Treaty: Measures to Prevent, Detect, Address and Eradicate the Diversion of Conventional Arms", Issue Brief No. 2, Conflict Armament Research, UNIDIR, Stimson Center, Small Arms Survey.