This report provides a summary of the key themes, issues, and takeaways that emerged from the 2021 Innovations Dialogue on Deepfakes, Trust and International Security. Bringing together 20 expert speakers from government, international organizations, academia, and industry and nearly 1,000 (virtual and in-person) participants from around the world, the Dialogue illuminated how algorithmically generated synthetic media is created and disseminated, and how it could erode trust and present novel risks for international security and stability. The discussions also explored the key governance issues concerning deepfakes and the technical countermeasures and policy responses by which the technology’s dangers could be addressed. Finally, the Dialogue reflected on how the international community can preserve and foster trust in the digital ecosystem moving forward.


Teaser: Deepfakes, Trust and International Security

Citation: Alisha Anand and Belen Bianco (2021) "The 2021 Innovations Dialogue Conference Report: Deepfakes, Trust and International Security", UNIDIR, Geneva, Switzerland.