In the face of space's ever-increasing importance to humankind, the ongoing development of counterspace capabilities by several States creates new forms of threats to space assets and infrastructure.

As such, policy options to reduce or prevent the weaponization of space through arms control, disarmament and wider governance are increasingly important to ensure the security and sustainability of space operations. To inform policymaking in this area, it is useful to understand the options available for monitoring and verification in space.

To explore the potential for verification for space security further, this report examines some of the tools and technologies of relevance to verification in space and how these tools could be applied to verify and monitor present and future frameworks related to space security.

Citation: Almudena Azcárate Ortega, Laetitia Cesari and James Revill. "Space Dossier 8 - Constant Vigilance? Verification and Monitoring for Space Security", UNIDIR, Geneva, 2023.