This report is based on data collected from December 2020 to January 2021, as part of a phone survey with a representative sample of 3,173 community members from key locations in and around the Maiduguri metropolitan area in Borno State, Nigeria.

The report presents descriptive statistics from some of the key demographic and socioeconomic information gathered as part of this survey. UNU-CPR is producing this overview of the data as a standalone brief, however, because it provides a broad picture on economic and social life in parts of Borno State today.

Moreover, this robust data may be useful to UN and NGO partners working in the region to address urgent humanitarian crises and UNU-CPR wanted to ensure the information was made available quickly.

This publication can be downloaded from the UNU-CPR website

Citation: Kato Van Broeckhoven, Siobhan O’Neil and Mohammed Bukar (2021) "Social and Economic Life in and around Maiduguri," MEAC Findings Report 4, United Nations University, New York.