This report is the result of a research collaboration between Andrés Casas – as part of his senior fellowship at UNU-CPR – and the Managing Exits from Armed Conflict (MEAC) project.

The report presents the results of an ongoing project initiated in collaboration with the late Emile Bruneau to scale up an innovative intervention to reduce the sociopsychological barriers that make it difficult for communities and countries to transition out of conflict. Emile Bruneau’s research philosophy aimed to apply brain and behavioural sciences to work for peace and security.

His work explored an empirical framework focused on the drivers of intergroup conflict and discrimination and tested intervention alternatives to identify and remove barriers to peace and integration. His goal was to find the mechanisms that could pull people and groups out of violence using a bottom-up approach to build peace in tandem with practitioners and communities.

This publication can be downloaded from the UNU-CPR website

Citation: Andrés Casas (2022) "Policy Memo: A Media Intervention Featuring Indirect Contact Promotes Peace in Rural Contexts Marked by Longstanding Internal Conflicts in Colombia" MEAC Policy Memo, United Nations University, New York.