Reducing the risk of nuclear weapons has received renewed attention in a difficult geopolitical environment. This publication – Nuclear Risk Reduction: Closing Pathways to Use –  brings together a collection of expert viewpoints across a series of cross-cutting domains and geopolitical regions in which nuclear weapons feature. Each piece considers potential risk of use scenarios in those contexts, identifying risk drivers and underlying conditions, and presenting a series of concrete policy recommendations to address individual risk profiles. Part of UNIDIR’s ongoing research on nuclear risk reduction and following on from its recent publication, “Nuclear Risk Reduction: A Framework for Analysis,” this study is intended to feed into the dialogue on taking forward risk reduction—and on the development of practical and feasible baskets of measures that can close pathways to use.

Citation: Wilfred Wan [ed] (2020) “Nuclear Risk Reduction: Closing Pathways to Use”, UNIDIR, Geneva, Switzerland.

Edited by Wilfred Wan; Contributions by John Borrie, Hassan Elbahtimy, Ulrich Kühn, Tanya Ogilvie-White, Ankit Panda, and Manpreet Sethi

Watch an introduction from UNIDIR Director Renata Dwan and Wilfred Wan below, and see our YouTube Channel for interviews with of the authors — John Borrie, Ankit PandaUlrich KühnTanya Ogilvie WhiteManpreet Sethi, and Hassan Elbahtimy. Views expressed are the sole responsibility of the individual, and do not reflect the views or opinions of the United Nations, UNIDIR, its staff members or sponsors.

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