This paper provides a summary of the discussions that took place during a two-day informal expert group meeting for UNIDIR’s project “Examining Options and Models for Harmonization of End Use/r Control Systems”. The paper highlights some of the key issues addressed during the meeting, and is organized into three parts: First, an overview of existing national end use/r control systems and multilateral efforts to harmonize control systems; second, the identification of elements of end use/r control systems that could be harmonized; and third, the potential approaches, processes, and frameworks that could be used for moving towards international harmonization.

The objective of the informal expert meeting was to consolidate common positions on practices and procedures, as well as approaches and methods to harmonize end use/r control systems at the regional and global levels, in order to enhance cooperation and strengthen controls in combating diversion of arms.

Citation: Conventional Arms and Ammunition Programme (2015). "Meeting Summary: Examining Options and Models for Harmonization of End Use/r Control Systems", Informal Expert Group Meeting, Vienna, 22-23 April 2015, UNIDIR, Geneva.