This report presents the findings of the UNIDIR 's Project on Framing and Informing Key Issues and Processes Relevant to the Management of  Conventional Ammunition. This seminar took place 26-27 November  2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. UNIDIR will agree further seminars during 2019.

This Project aims to Facilitate dialogue and generate ideas in order to help States frame key issues and inform Them about processes relating to conventional ammunition management is that  progress can be made at the national, regional and multilateral levels. Elements and Findings from this seminar series are subject to States' preparations for the open, informal consultations Organized Within the framework of resolution 72/55, as well as other relevant conventional ammunition management initiatives.

Teaser: Report of the First Thematic Seminar

Citation: James Bevan, Manuel Martínez Miralles, Himayu Shiotani, Sebastian Wilkin, and Brian Wood (2019) "Key Issues and Processes Pertinent to the Management of Conventional Ammunition: Report from the First Thematic Seminar", UNIDIR, Geneva, Switzerland.