This report analyses the national reports submitted by states since the adoption of the Programme of Action on Small Arms in 2001. It provides an overview of reporting trends and an in-depth review of states' implementation of the four themes discussed at the third Biennial Meeting of States in July 2008: international cooperation and assistance, illicit brokering, stockpile management and surplus disposal, and the International Tracing Instrument.

This analysis is part of a joint project of UNDP, UNODA, UNIDIR and the Small Arms Survey, established to assist states better to fulfil their commitments under the Programme of Action. It highlights challenges associated with implementation and weaknesses in the reporting system, and offers recommendations for overcoming both.

Citation: Sarah Parker and Silvia Cattaneo (2008). "Implementing the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons: Analysis of the National Reports Submitted by States from 2002 to 2008", UNIDIR, Geneva.