This paper showcases key propositions, findings, and recommendations from the UNIDIR dialogue on Nuclear Disarmament, Nuclear Deterrence, and Strategic Arms Control, which brought together a diverse group of policymakers, experts, and civil society representatives from around the world. It offers an approach for thinking about the nuclear problem today as well as rebuilding the habits of global cooperation needed to address it successfully. The document includes a list of key actions centred on the following themes: consolidating the non-use of nuclear weapons, recrafting strategic arms control, and revitalizing the pursuit of nuclear disarmament. Together, it offers a promising vision and the elements from which to craft an agenda for enhanced global collaboration to reduce today’s nuclear dangers.

Citation: Weapons of Mass Destruction Programme (2021) "Identifying Collaborative Actions to Reduce Today’s Nuclear Dangers", UNIDIR, Geneva, Switzerland.


• Arabic: تحديد الإجراءات التعاونية الرامية إلىّ الحد من المخاطر النووية الراهنة

• Chinese: 确定减少当今核危险的合作行动

• French: Recenser les possibilités de collaboration en vue de réduire les risques nucléaires actuels

• Russian: Определение совместных действий, направленных на уменьшение современной ядерной угрозы

• Spanish: Identificación de acciones de colaboración para reducir los peligros nucleares actuales

Featured image: detail of "Children's Peace Memorial" by Michael, CC BY-NC 2.0 licence

Teaser: Findings from the UNIDIR Dialogue