Sustainable peace is inextricably linked with gender equality.

How do weapons proliferation and misuse affect different groups of society in South and South East Asia? How do gender norms impact how weapons are seen and used in the region? How can we ensure that arms control and disarmament processes address these gender perspectives and become more effective in responding to gender-based threats?

These were some of the main questions guiding the discussions at a regional workshop organised by UNIDIR with participants from South and South East Asia. Drawing on the expertise and experience of diplomats, military officers, civil society practitioners and academics, this report offers ideas to promote gender perspectives in arms control and increase women’s participation in international security.

Citation: Renata H. Dalaqua, Shimona Mohan and Hana Salama (2021) “Gender Perspectives on Arms
Control and Disarmament: Views from South and South East Asia”, Workshop Report, UNIDIR,