In 2022, a General Assembly resolution entitled “Programme of action to advance responsible State behaviour in the use of information and communications technologies in the context of international security” (cyber PoA) was adopted. The resolution requested that the Secretary-General seek the views of Member States on the scope, structure and content of the cyber PoA and on the preparatory work and modalities for its establishment.

To support the development of a shared understanding on the mandate and role of the cyber PoA, and acknowledging the critical role that the multi-stakeholder community already plays in the implementation of the framework of responsible State behaviour, UNIDIR offered a platform to non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, academic institutions, and the private sector to share their perspectives on the prospects of establishing a cyber PoA, and on its scope, structure, and content. This offer included a call for written inputs followed by a workshop.

Based on the analysis of the workshop and written inputs, this report presents a consolidated set of considerations and options for action to inform States’ discussions on the cyber PoA.

Citation: Security and Technology Programme (2023) "Drawing Parallels: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective on the Cyber PoA Scope, Structure and Content", UNIDIR, Geneva, Switzerland