Since the unlimited extension of the NPT in 1995, the disarmament and non-proliferation regimes have been confronted by numerous challenges. Concerns about non-compliance, the tests in South Asia, political roadblocks in both the United States Senate and the Russian Duma all mean that the NPT Review Conference to be held in May will be set in very different circumstances than the 1995 Review.

For this issue of Disarmament Forum we examine questions related to the future of the NPT - how did we get to this precarious situation, is further nuclear disarmament likely, could the NPT collapse - as well as suggesting some constructive approaches to the 2000 Review Conference. We hope that these articles provoke thought and reflection as the Conference approaches.

Citation: Kerstin Hoffman (2000). "Disarmament Forum: What Next for the NPT?", UNIDIR, Geneva.

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  • Editor’s note, Kerstin Hoffman
  • Special Comment, Ambassador Henrik Salander
  • 1995–2000: Progress Reviewed, Patricia Lewis
  • Nuclear Disarmament, 1995–2000: Isn’t It Pretty to Think So?, Miguel Marín-Bosch
  • Changes in the Security Environment, Regional Discord and Contention on the 1995 Agreements, Ben Sanders
  • Could the Non-Proliferation Treaty Collapse? The Uncertain Road Ahead. Sharon Riggle
  • Towards Nuclear Disarmament, Tariq Rauf
  • Facing Nuclear Dangers: an Action Plan for the 21st Century, Patricia Lewis
  • Web Resources Regarding Innovative Non-Proliferation Thinking
  • UNIDIR focus