This issue on the New Security Debate focuses on forward-looking appraisals of the direction of disarmament and security in the next decade. Some of our authors examine different aspects of security in a rapidly changing world characterized by globalization. Others attempt to redefine what security means through non-traditional security issues such as the environment. Still others argue that the post-Cold War era is already over and that we have entered into a new period that requires not only new thinking but also a redefinition of security itself.

Citation: Kerstin Hoffman (ed.) (1999). "Disarmament Forum: The New Security Debate", UNIDIR, Geneva.

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  • Editor's Note, Kerstin HOFFMAN
  • Special Comment, Jayantha DHANAPALA
  • Post-Cold War Security: The Lost Opportunities, Rebecca JOHNSON
  • Disarmament: The Next Ten Years, Christophe CARLE
  • The Economics of Security in the Developing World, Susan WILLETT
  • Remote Sensing From Space: National and International Security, Bhupendra JASANI 
  • Environmental Security: Issues and Agenda, Sara PARKIN
  • An Indian and Pakistani CBM: The Sir Creek Trans-Border Area, Gaurav RAJEN
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