There are many treaties in force, entering into force or currently under negotiation that have provisions for different types of on-site inspections, investigations and visits. It is timely to look at these in the round. A common factor in many disarmament and arms control regimes, recent events have perhaps eroded the image of OSIs. Much can be learned from comparing different OSI programmes. Reflecting on common denominators can help us take advantage of synergy across treaties. This issue of Disarmament Forum will examine OSIs from a number of different regimes, comparing and contrasting different approaches in the hope of promoting best practices and informing ongoing negotiations.

Citation: Kerstin Hoffman (ed.) (1999). "Disarmament Forum: On-site Inspections: Common Problems, Different Solutions", UNIDIR, Geneva.

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  • Editor’s note, Kerstin Hoffman
  • Special Comment, Dr. Mohamed Elbaradei
  • On-site Inspections and Verification: The IAEA's Additional Protocol, Rich Hooper
  • The CWC: a Unique OSI Framework, Leslie-Anne Levy
  • START Implementation: A Report, Joseph P. Harahan
  • CTBT Verification Regime: Preparations and Requirements, Wang Jun
  • On-Site Inspections: Experiences from Nuclear Safeguarding, Wolfgang Fischer & Gotthard Stein
  • The UNSCOM Regime: Crucial On-Site Elements, Graham S. Pearson
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