Maritime security is a multifaceted and complex topic that touches on some of the most critical security challenges of the moment. Armed non-state actors are exploiting busy shipping lanes for piracy and, some fear, for terrorist purposes. In this regard, there is rising concern about the security of sensitive materials in transit by sea. This issue examines how these maritime security risks are being addressed. It explores efforts to minimize risks of WMD proliferation through regional and international cooperation at sea, for example through the Proliferation Security Initiative. It considers the extent of the threat posed by pirates and other non-state actors at sea, with a particular emphasis on the security of maritime shipping of sensitive materials.

Citation: Kerstin Vignard (ed.) (2010). "Disarmament Forum: Maritime Security", UNIDIR, Geneva.

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  • Editor’s note, Kerstin Vignard
  • Security threats and challenges to maritime supply chains, Vijay Sakhuja
  • Sea piracy: some inconvenient truths, Sam Bateman
  • Maritime security and nuclear cargoes, Ron Smith
  • The Proliferation Security Initiative, Jeffrey Lewis and Philip Maxon
  • Building awareness of sea-dumped chemical weapons, Joshua Newman and Dawn Verdugo
  • UNIDIR focus