This issue of Disarmament Forum focuses on various aspects related to biological weapons. The BWC is now twenty-five years old. Although many of the world's well-developed biological weapon programmes have been dismantled, concern continues to rise about the illicit use of biological weapons by rogue states, non-state actors and terrorists.

With an eye on next year's Review Conference, this issue of Disarmament Forum is well in advance of the meeting - to give delegates and interested parties the opportunity to absorb the information contained herein. In this issue you will find an overview of where the BWC is going as well as where it has been - the historical context of this Review Conference, the spectrum of possible outcomes of the Protocol negotiations, speculation on rates of change in biotechnologies, and suggestions for strengthening the regime.

Citation: Kerstin Vignard (ed.) (2000). "Disarmament Forum: Biological Weapons: From the BWC to Biotech", UNIDIR, Geneva.

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  • Editor’s note, Kerstin Vignard
  • Special Comment, János Martonyi
  • The Proliferation of Biological Weapons: A Threat Assessment, Jean Pascal Zanders
  • The BTWC in Historical Perspective: From Review and Strengthening Processes to an Integrated Treaty Regime, Nicholas a. Sims
  • Opportunities for the Fifth Review Conference, Graham S. Pearson
  • Fighting the Proliferation of Biological Weapons: Beyond the BWC Protocol, Michael Moodie
  • New Technology and Future Developments in Biological Warfare, Mark Wheelis & Malcolm Dando
  • Unilateral or negotiated arms control?, Jozef Goldblat
  • Biological Weapons Resource List, compiled by Joshua Margolin