The efforts undertaken by the international and African communities towards the decentralization of the management of peace and security issues since the beginning of the 1990s have meant for Central Africa a significant diplomatic and legal body of work. Several official documents express the political will of member states of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) to work together and in partnership with the international community in general, and the United Nations in particular, towards a lasting peace and security in their sub-region.

The sheer volume and quality of the documents produced to codify the norms and mechanisms created until now within ECCAS is impressive and represents a dynamic expression of hope for the sub-region. However, the very best legal texts and diplomatic intentions are but words, so that peace for the Central African peoples can only become reality through the concrete implementation and rigorous follow-up of the totality of measures collated in this book.

After an introduction that sets the regional political and diplomatic context, the book provides a reference collection of the various regional and international documents pertaining to the management of peace and security in the Central African sub-region.

Citation: Mutoy Mubiala (2004). "Cooperer pour la paix en Afrique centrale", UNIDIR, Geneva.