This brief considers the arguments for and against including ammunition in the scope of the ATT and the relevant options and implications thereof. It looks at the definition of ammunition, provides background information on existing international ammunition controls, and presents states’ views on whether or not to include ammunition in the ATT.

The brief then considers the implications of subjecting international ammunition transfers to authorisation and reporting obligations as well as the merits of arguments against the inclusion of ammunition. The concluding sections of the brief discuss the different policy options in relation to ammunition and the ATT and make recommendations as to its inclusion in light of constraints on time for negotiations and the aim of universality in state membership of the ATT.

The brief argues that while some states may have legitimate concerns about including ammunition in an ATT, ultimately there is no compelling reason for its exclusion.

Citation: Saferworld (2012). "Ammunition and the ATT: Options for and Implications of its Inclusion", UNIDIR, Geneva.