UNIDIR’s 2022 Outer Space Security Conference, a two-day flagship event held on 1 and 2 November 2022, provided a unique forum for the diplomatic community and experts with military, industrial and academic backgrounds to jointly consider challenges related to security in outer space and to exchange ideas regarding solutions.

Participants at this event underscored the fact that space is essential for human life and its relevance will only continue to increase as more actors —both States and non-governmental entities like the commercial industry— engage in space activities. In a period of fast paced technological change and growing geostrategic tension, creating a safe, secure and stable space environment is a challenge that the international community must prioritise, or risk devastating consequences for humankind should outer space become a theatre for conflict.  

This document summarises key discussions and takeaways of six panels from the conference. 

Citation: Almudena Azcárate Ortega, Manon Blancafort and Sarah Erickson (2023) “2022 Outer Space Security Conference Report”, UNIDIR, Geneva, Switzerland. https://doi.org/10.37559/WMD/23/Space/01