Nuclear Risk Reduction: A Framework for Analysis

16 September 2020
Nuclear Risk Reduction: A Framework for Analysis


UNIDIR report sheds light on paths to nuclear weapon use and calls for joint action on developing practical and feasible measures to reduce nuclear risk.

GENEVA, 27 JUNE 2019 — A UNIDIR report released today identifies the range of risks of the use of nuclear weapons and outlines approaches for reducing these. The report sets out ways nuclear-armed states could narrow the situations in which they would consider nuclear use, take actions that will enhance restraint in volatile circumstances, bolster security to deny physical and digital access to nuclear weapons systems, and enact safeguards to limit human and technical errors.

The report, Nuclear Risk Reduction: A Framework for Analysis, examines different scenarios for the potential use of nuclear weapons in the current environment, including use linked to crisis conditions and acquisition and use by non-State actors. Drawing upon ideas and proposals from across the research and policymaking communities, it elaborates risk reduction principles to inform policy.

“Governments have recently expressed widespread support for efforts to reduce nuclear risks in forums like the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty review cycle,” said John Borrie, UNIDIR Programme Lead, WMD and Other Strategic Weapons Programme. “The challenge is to translate that desire into concrete action, and this study presents important new ideas in that regard.”


The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) is an autonomous institution within the United Nations that conducts independent research on disarmament and related problems, particularly international security issues. UNIDIR supports Member States, the United Nations and policy and research communities in advancing ideas and actions that contribute to a more sustainable and peaceful world. For more information about UNIDIR, visit: Follow UNIDIR on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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