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Nuclear Risk: Across Technologies and Domains


Nuclear Risk: Across Technologies and Domains

Efforts to understand the risk of nuclear weapon use must extend beyond the nuclear domain. The possibility is increasing of potential escalation scenarios that emerge due to entangled interaction across nuclear and non-nuclear capabilities. Pathways to nuclear weapon use could be linked, for instance, to the increased vulnerability of early-warning assets in space to attack; to the susceptibility of command, control, and communications systems to cyber offensive operations; or to the misidentification of ambiguous payloads carried by dual-capable missiles. This two-day virtual event seeks to:

• Explore the ‘state of play’ involving developments in non-nuclear capabilities in the context of nuclear risk;
• Consider longer-term impacts of advancements in relevant non-nuclear domains;
• Bridge conversations across nuclear and non-nuclear communities;
• Derive priorities for stakeholders to consider in taking forward risk reduction efforts.


Details regarding the agenda and speakers to come closer to the date. The link to the virtual conference will be shared to registered participants in the days leading up to the event.


UNIDIR encourages the participation of representatives and experts specialized or interested in issues pertaining to nuclear weapons, strategic technologies, and disarmament.


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25 May - 26 May 2021


Virtual Conference