Towards Space Sustainability: Surveying Space Security Governance and Implementation Efforts

Towards Space Sustainability: Surveying Space Security Governance and Implementation Efforts

In recent years space related activities have increased dramatically spurred by growing commercial interest in the space sector. The commercial drivers of private-sector space activities will continue in the future creating ever more crowded space environment.

In parallel, left unchecked, military interest in outer space is likely to grow as space and counterspace capabilities develop in several States around the world.

The increase in space assets, including counterspace technologies, threatens to undermine safety and security of outer space and create an unstable and unsustainable space environment for future generations. Dealing with this challenge requires leadership from States operating at the international level to build mechanisms to govern space. However, space security can no longer be achieved by States alone, it will require a division of labour with international, national and local stakeholders working together.

To address this challenge, UNIDIR and the Government of Japan organized a webinar titled “Towards space sustainability: surveying space security governance and implementation efforts”.

The event unpacked the concepts of security, safety, sustainability and responsible behaviours in space and sought to identify good practices in the area of space security with a view to working towards a more stable and sustainable space environment, including through activities at the domestic level.

A recording of this event can be found on our YouTube Channel, and below.


Thursday 6 July 2023  |  13:00–14:30 CEST  |  Online, via Zoom.

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13:00 – Opening remarks

  • Hellmut Lagos (Chair of the OEWG)

13:15 – Discussion

  • Aya Iwamoto (Astroscale)

  • Noelle Riza Castillo (Philippine Space Agency)

  • Ben Silverstein (Carnegie Endowment)

  • Sarah Erickson (UNIDIR)

Moderator: Almudena Azcárate Ortega (UNIDIR)

14:30 – Closing remarks

  • Minister Umetsu Shigeru (DPR, Delegation of Japan to the Conference on Disarmament)