Known Unknowns: Data Issues and Military Autonomous Systems

10 August 2021
Known Unknowns: Data Issues and Military Autonomous Systems

In order to perform as desired, autonomous weapons must collect data from their environment that are complete, relevant, accurate, and aligned with the data for which that system was developed and tested. But the harsh, dynamic, complex and adversarial nature of conflict will pose a wide range of obstacles to the collection of such data. This has serious implications for the application of international humanitarian law and individual human responsibility to these weapons. 
What kinds of data issues cause autonomous weapons to fail? How can these issues be anticipated and mitigated? And what should policymakers do to ensure that the “known unknowns” of data issues do not undermine international security, peace, and the application of law and ethics? This side-event to the GGE on LAWS will demystify these issues and point to avenues for action for all stakeholders involved in the LAWS debate.


Arthur Holland Michel, Associate Researcher, UNIDIR

Dr. Maria Vanina Martinez, Researcher at Institute of Computer Science, University of Buenos Aires – CONICET, Argentina


Tuesday 10 August 2021 13:30 – 14:30 CEST | Online

UNIDIR encourages the participation of representatives and experts working on or interested in issues pertaining to lethal autonomous weapon systems and other forms of military AI.

Kindly RSVP by 10 August 2021, 13:00 CEST. Registration is mandatory. Please contact with any questions.