A Multi-Vantage Perspective of Conflict Resolution and Building Peace with Dr. Prabin Khadka 

In person (Geneva)
21 May 2024
A Multi-Vantage Perspective of Conflict Resolution and Building Peace with Dr. Prabin Khadka 

On 21 May, the Managing Exits from Armed Conflict (MEAC) project hosted a special dialogue with Dr. Prabin Khadka. Dr. Siobhan O’Neil, Head of the MEAC Project, engaged Dr. Khadka in a conversation about how the UN can more effectively support conflict resolution and build peace.

Having worked as a DDR practitioner, military officer, peacekeeper, UN practitioner, and academic, Dr. Khadka offered a unique, multi-vantage perspective on how to build and sustain peace.

This exchange addressed critical issues at the intersection of conflict and food insecurity, the challenges and opportunities in the transition of ex-combatants, community receptivity to reintegration, and strategic communication in peace negotiations, among other topics, with a focus on Somalia, South Sudan, Nepal, Côte d’Ivoire, and beyond. 

One pivotal theme explored was the complex relationship between conflict and food insecurity, with responses needing to be tailored to address the root causes of hunger and conflict-induced displacement. The discussion also delved into the challenges and opportunities associated with the transition of ex-combatants back into civilian life.

Dr. Khadka shared invaluable insights gleaned from his fieldwork in regions such as Somalia, South Sudan, and Nepal, highlighting the importance of vocational training, social networks, and psychosocial support in facilitating successful reintegration after involvement with armed groups.

In addressing the role of the UN, Dr. Khadka emphasized the organization’s value as a third-party mediator and its verification function. He underscored the need to reaffirm the UN’s role amidst eroding multilateralism, emphasizing its credibility in fostering trust and facilitating peace processes. 

This dialogue highlighted the importance of nuanced, context-specific interventions, aligning with MEAC’s mission to promote evidence-based, tailored responses to armed conflict in order to build sustainable peace. 


  • Dr. Prabin Khadka, Assistant Professor, University of Essex
  • Dr. Siobhan O’Neil, Head of the MEAC Project, UNIDIR

Where and When

 21 May 2024, 12:30 – 14:00 CEST, Palais des Nations, Geneva