2023 Innovations Dialogue: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Future Battlefields

27 June 2023
2023 Innovations Dialogue: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Future Battlefields

Militaries around the world are looking at Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a promising technology to unlock the next generation of military capabilities. A lot has been theorised on the possible implications of the adoption of AI in the military domain, but to fully understand the extent to which AI will impact warfare, more context-specific discussions bridging the gap between theory and practice are urgently needed.

Building on the 2022 Innovations Dialogue, the 2023 edition of the Innovations Dialogue provided a platform for military, technical, legal, and ethical experts to explore the impact of AI, including but not limited to autonomous weapons, across traditional domains of warfare, namely land, naval, and air warfare as well as on new domains such as cyber, space, and cognitive. In addition and in response to the emerging call for governance and regulation in the field of AI, the Innovations Dialogue also provided an opportunity to discuss the purpose and structure of future multilateral discussions on this complex topic.


27 June 2023, 09:00-17:45 (CEST). Please consult this website to find your local time.

Hybrid format: in-person (Campus Biotech, Chemin des Mines 9, Geneva, Switzerland) and online.

The event was broadcasted on the following platforms:


UNIDIR encouraged the participation of representatives and experts working on or interested in issues pertaining to advancement of digital technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, and their implications for international peace and security.

For any questions, please contact UNIDIR Security and Technology Programme (sectec-unidir@un.org).


An accessible text version of the agenda is also available below.

PART I: Setting the Scene

9:00-9:15: Opening Remarks

  • Robin Geiss, Director, UNIDIR

9:15-9:45: Scene Setting Conversation

  • Suk Hyung Lee, Dean of the College of Multidisciplinary Studies, Seokyeong University
  • Sabine Süsstrunk, Image and Visual Representation Laboratory, School of Computer and Communication Sciences, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Moderated by Cécile Aptel, Deputy Director, UNIDIR

PART II: Understanding AI across Traditional Domains of Warfare

Through a series of multi-stakeholder expert panels featuring military, technical and legal experts, this part will discuss the potential impact of AI on land, naval and air warfare including the development of autonomous weapons, the use of AI in decision-making processes and planning, and the legal and ethical considerations surrounding these developments in each specific environment.

09:45-11:00: Panel I – AI and Land Warfare

  • Michael Depp, Research Associate, AI Safety and Stability Project, Center for a New American Security (CNAS)
  • Georgia Hinds, Legal Adviser, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
  • Wanggu Kang, Director, Unmanned Vehicle Advanced Research Center, Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)
  • Koichiro Takagi, Visiting Fellow, Japan Chair, Hudson Institute and Colonel, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

Moderated by Dongyoun Cho, Senior Researcher, Security and Technology Programme, UNIDIR

11:00-11:20: Coffee Break

11:20-12:35: Panel II – AI and Naval Warfare

  • Guy Carmeli, FPGA R&D Leader, Image Processing Department, MLM Division, Systems Missiles & Space Group, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
  • Shannon Cooper, Legal Officer, Headquarter Joint Operations Command, Australian Department of Defense
  • Pedro Augusto Bittencourt Heine Filho, Commander of the Maritime Operations and Protection of the Blue Amazon Command (ComPAAz), Brazilian Navy
  • Jennifer Parker, Deputy Director Defence, Defence Strategy and National Security Directorate, Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)
  • Abhijit Singh, Senior Fellow, Observer Research Foundation (ORF) and Former Indian Naval Officer

Moderated by Giacomo Persi Paoli, Head of Programme, Security and Technology, UNIDIR

12:35-13:30: Lunch Break

13:30-14:40: Panel III – AI and Air Warfare

  • Liran Antebi, Senior Researcher, Institute for National Security Studies (INSS)
  • William Boothby, Honorary Professor, Australian National University
  • Thomas Grohs, Head of FCAS, Airbus Defence and Space
  • Joerg Rauber, Branch Chief, Planning FCAS, German Ministry of Defense

Moderated by Sarah Grand-Clément, Researcher, Conventional Arms and Ammunition, Security and Technology Programmes, UNIDIR

14:40-15:00: Coffee Break

PART III: Exploring the Future

A panel of experts will discuss the role and potential impact of AI on emerging warfighting domains such as cyber, space and cognitive domains. The panel will explore the opportunities and challenges associated with AI in these domains.

15:00-16:10: Panel IV – AI and New Domains

  • Kaja Ciglic, Senior Director, Digital Diplomacy, Microsoft
  • Wendy Ng, Principal Cloud Security Architect, OneWeb
  • Oleg Shakirov, Expert, Russian International Affairs Council

Moderated by Ioana Puscas, Researcher, Security and Technology Programme, UNIDIR

16:10-16:20: Coffee Break

16:20-17:30: Panel V – A Regular Institutional Dialogue for AI in the Military Domain?

With AI becoming increasingly embedded in the different military capabilities, including but not limited to weapon systems, is it important and necessary to establish a mechanism for regular institutional dialogue among states on this topic? If yes, what form should this dialogue have and what purposes? If not, why not and what other options are available?

  • Izumi Nakamitsu, Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, United Nations
  • Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, Government of the United Arab Emirates
  • Mallory Stewart, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance (AVC), United States Department of State
  • Marcel de Vink, Vice-Minister for Political Affairs, Government of the Netherlands
  • Hyun Woo Cho, Ambassador for International Security Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea

Moderated by Robin Geiss, Director, UNIDIR

17:30-17:45: Concluding Remarks and Conference Closing

  • Robin Geiss, Director, UNIDIR