Youth Engagement

UNIDIR believes in the power of youth to secure an inclusive and peaceful future.

One of our key objectives that sets us apart from other youth-oriented initiatives is our mission to help identify and cultivate the next generation of researchers and young global talent in the areas of disarmament and arms control.

UNIDIR’s disarmament endeavors towards Youth covers the following exciting initiatives:

  • A Global Disarmament Essay Competition to raise general awareness on disarmament issues among younger generations;
  • UNIDIR’s Graduate Professional Programme to build disarmament research capacity;
  • A Model United Nations Conference on Disarmament to develop experienced future leaders; and,
  • An Online Youth Disarmament Orientation Course.


  • 57 Graduate Professionals since the launch of the Programme in 2020
  • 6 Interactive modules as part of the e-Learning Youth Disarmament Orientation Course
  • 100+ Students have participated in the Model United Nations