This report is based on data collected from April to May 2021 as part of a phone survey of community members in 11 municipalities across Colombia.

It presents findings on gender roles and stereotypes in Colombia, gendered attitudes towards the use of different types of violence, and gendered experiences of fear of ex-combatants.

This data may be useful to government, UN, and NGO partners working in Colombia to support their policies and programming to break down gender inequalities and ensure a gendered approach to reconciliation in Colombia, including through implementation of the 2016 peace agreement between the Government and the FARC-EP.

This publication can also be downloaded from the UNU-CPR website

Citation: Cristal Downing, Ángela Olaya and Sofía Rivas (2021) "The Gendered Dynamics of Conflict and Peacebuilding in Colombia ", MEAC Findings Report 11, United Nations University, New York.