When the Arms Trade Treaty was negotiated, time was very limited, and issues on the table were multiple and multifaceted. To support the process and provide alternative fora to states where these issues could be discussed, the EU and UNIDIR conducted two projects.

UNIDIR implemented the project Promoting Discussion on an Arms Trade Treaty, which consisted of six regional seminars and other support activities, and was carried out between February 2009 and July 2010. From July 2010, UNIDIR implemented a follow-on project, entitled Supporting the Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations through Regional Discussion and Expertise Sharing.  

This report presents a summary of the second EU–UNIDIR project. It discusses both the seven regional seminars organized between November 2010 and May 2012, and the background research papers that were commissioned to support the other project activities and the United Nations process.

Citation: Elli Kytömäki (2012). "Supporting the Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations through Regional Discussions and Expertise Sharing", Final Report of the EU-UNIDIR Project, UNIDIR, Geneva.